Session with using internal dialogue interruption can be divided into 3 parts following one into another. It is necessary to emphasize that if any analysis is completely excluded for interruption the internal dialogue, analysis should be used as much as possible at the next steps of the session.

Stages of session:

Stage 1. Life in viewed incarnation through living significant fragments.

First stage – viewed incarnation with identifying key episodes and   their working up, which removes the problems being solved by moving it from the Unconscious to conscious level. Different reaction from key episodes of past lives make it possible to understand, compare and optimally choose the line of behavior in the patient’s modern life. Solving problems of negative episodes being found in the viewed incarnation is carried out in different ways. In one case, it is enough to move information from unconscious to conscious level, in another case, more traumatic, it is necessary to relive negative experience repeatedly to stop the influence of this experience on the modern life. 

Many psychosomatic diseases of the body, that trouble the patient before the regression, disappear. The diseases, that appeared in one of the past lives, immediately stop after reliving it, although before that, as a rule, it was uncurbable for a long time. 

 As experience shows, viewing the moment of conception and prenatal development in human incarnations is especially significant. They are creating a vector of development of a personality during life. 

This stage is especially significant, if the conception was accidental or undesirable for parents. Due to reliving the stage of conception, persistence and purposefulness are formed, which manifest in his (her) modern life. The family atmosphere during pregnancy determines the nature of the future perception of the world.  If it is negative, it entails various kinds of disorders, that are formed in the fetus and manifest later in a life of the person. 

Stage 2. Death is like catharsis.

The second stage is the reliving of the moment of death in the viewed incarnation. This is one of the shortest stages of the session, however, it is very important because awareness of the immortality by the Soul happens at this moment. The sensations of the Soul are not interrupted with the death of the body. Thus, the fear of death (thanatophobia) is eliminated for the patient. The understanding appears that any body in any incarnation is necessary as a tool, through which the surrounding world is appreciated. 

This stage of the session includes mandatory completion of significant gestalts for the patient both in the viewed and modern life. The completion of gestalts restores the integrity of the Soul and the uniformity of its energies. 

Stage 3. Metamorphoses of the Soul after leaving the physical body.

The third part of the session is the Soul’s presence in the Afterlife space, which is perceived by everyone who came into it as “Father’s house”, “Source”, “Universe mind”. The Soul returns there after a “business trip” in any body from any part of the Universe. A sense of belonging to Space, awareness of its power and friendly patronage appear. This Space is a Spirit Space and it is filled with love and positive energy. The Soul, being in it, acquires the ability to see the Aura of the body and restores its integrity when it is necessary. 

This powerful energy recourse of the Afterlife space can be used by the patient in the future independently without the participation of the specialist at any time.

All the stages of the session form a person’s sense of global harmony, organic interweaving of the Soul into the Cosmic Space of the eternal life and at the same time the ability of a person to live “here and now”.

The moment of death and subsequent Soul’s metamorphoses are present in every session. They are typical in general for all patients. The events happen according to one universal scenario and sensations and emotional reactions in the Afterlife space are similar. Repeating these sensations in every session convinces the objectivity of the observed.    

Stage 4. Training

Regression therapy session training “The technique of internal dialog interruption” 

School of P.S. Gyngazov “Exploring hidden memory resources” now can be considered as a unique technique in the regression therapy.  The theoretical bases is develop, the common space of spreading of working method is formed (Tomsk, Krasnogorsk (MO), Novosibirsk), the educational program including the upgrading of educational structure, and its reports on stages results. Along with it the preparation of student of individual work mostly depends on acquiring of practical skills by them. The face to face training for those who finished already educational courses and for those who is doing the courses now in this paradigm will have to upgrade practically the obtained knowledge and level of specialist proficiency.  

Date of training: 23.04.2023
Cost: 10000 ₽
Number of Participants: 10 - 12 


1.    Demosession (P.S. Gyngazov)
2.    Answers on questions on demosession
3.    Training with supervision (P.S. Gyngazov, I.I. Kolesnik)
4.    Feedback (P.S. Gyngazov, I.I. Kolesnik)
5.    Answers on questions on individual work

The main differences between this methodology and other similar practices

In conclusion, it is necessary to emphasize a few points which distinguish this methodology from other similar practices. The work in the described paradigm is carried out not at the level of Consciousness but at the level of the Unconscious, which determines the depth of the analyses of a person’s psyche and harmonizing effect on it. 

The session conducted without the hypnosis: the patient controls his condition and actions, he can interrupt the session at any time if he wants. The experience gained is analyzed, improved and kept in the Consciousness for decades. The specialist “doesn’t bind” the patient to himself, giving him the opportunity to use the recourse of Space independently and draw the necessary energy from it at any time. 

The absence of a preliminary “request” determines the possibility of the person living lives in any physical bodies anywhere in the Universe. Processing scripts of sessions (more than 1500 cases) showed that human incarnations account for 37,9%, and non-human ones – 62,1%. It is necessary to mention that life in the body of animals, birds, plants and etc. is lived much more harmoniously than in the human body. Human incarnations are much harder and emotionally heavier. 

Many years of experience in this paradigm gives all the reasons to assert that this methodology has a high psychotherapeutic potential.  

Feedback on regression sessions
Diplomas and certificates
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Session cost — 15 000 ₽

The regression therapy session with P.S. Gyngazov and other our specialists include:

  • Filling the body with vital energy
  • Solving intractable problems
  • Physical and emotional healing
  • Releasing from fears and convictions
  • Strengthening concentration of attention and learnability
  • Understanding of surrounding harmony